Social media marketing 

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Adding fuel to the fire

We are the fastest, most personalized solution on the market, because we make it our mission to provide exactly what our customers need. See for yourself what makes social media and TV the best in the business. 

Duel screening

87% - 94% of consumers use a second screen while watching TV. Bringing the high street to their living room. 55% of duel screeners view content that is related to what is on TV.

Your customers are on facebook

Facebook has 1,500 data points per active user so no mater who, your ideal customer their on facebook!

Instant purchase  

We will show your ad to the same demographic on TV & Mobile simultaneously, satisfy the burning desires of the modern-day consumer, to buy instantly. 

Facebook & Instagram advertising

Benefits Of Social Media Advertising

With 3.1 Bn people on these platforms combined & 80% of social media users considering Facebook to be their main account, your ideal customer is definitely on one of these, ready and waiting even, to find YOUR product or service to solve their problems!

In this modern age it is essential to have some kind of presence on social media. If you don’t, your brand perception is radically damaged, prospects often assume your company is out-dated & in turn their experience will be the same – Slow, impersonal & insufficient, compared to your modern looking competitor.

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Multi-Screen Marketing TV + Digital

We are pleased to reveal this pioneering new method of marketing. We are merging the reach & high authority influence of TV advertising, with the laser like targeting of social media which satisfies the burning desire of instant gratification for the modern consumer by giving them the ability to buy the very same product they’ve just seen on the TV from the comfort of their own phone.

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Our process

Discovery & strategy

We spend time with you, form a detailed insight into your business and customers by completing a selection of questions to understand your objectives & ensure a successful campaign that reflects your brand to the tee.

Creative content

Its time to actualise your creative! Animated or filmed, we have discovered that engagement with video is radically higher than generic image based ads…But can we also create awesome picture based ads for lower budgets.

Launch campiagn

We work with our clients to make an ideal customer profile from a combination of 28,000+ interests, behaviours, gender, ages & locations. We can also find look-a-like audiences based on your existing customer info!

Data Analysis

 At an interval time of your choice we will send you an easy to read & detailed insight into the performance of your ads. You can talk to our team at any point to action changes or scale your ads!

Take Your Business To The Next Level.

Our services are designed to amplify your business’s operations, team, and culture to promote exponential levels of success, profits, and growth. Would NOW be a good time to upgrade your business? 

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